Experience a new form of financial freedom with our tap to pay wristbands!

Image of teenage boy holding a golf club showing off the pay wristband

Great for teenagers.

Our tap to pay wristbands are great for teens and more secure than giving them cash or a debit card. Automate sending money, monitor expenses and more!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Where can I get one?

    You can purchase a Tap to Pay wristband at any Farmers Bank branch location. Wristbands are $25 and you must be a Farmers Bank customer in order to purchase one. A variety of colors are available including local school colors.

  • Where can I use my wristband?

    You can use it to make contactless payments everywhere Mastercard debit contactless payments are accepted. You can use your digital card number anywhere online where Mastercard is accepted for online purchases. Your card # is securely stored in your profile.

  • How do I pay with my wristband?

    Simply tap or hold your bracelet within 2 centimeters of the contactless enabled payment reader. Ensure that you hold your bracelet for 1 second to make sure that the chip is read by the payment reader. Make sure that you present the bracelet to the reader where the contactless payment symbol is being displayed. This will provide you the best checkout expereience when you pay using your wristband.

  • What happens if I lose my wristband? Are my funds safe?

    Be sure to log in to your profile immediately and block your card. The funds are safe and available. Email support@purewrist.com to notify for a replacement.

  • How do I check my balance?

    Visit the Purewrist mobile app or live.purewrist.com to make 24/7 automated balance inquiries or track your balance as you spend.

  • Can I make online purchases?

    Yes you can shop online. In your profile there is a private PIN protected secure page where you will have access to your full card information for online purchases.